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As timber importers, exporters and agents our expertise is emphasized on sourcing quality lumber, logs, veneers and plywood from all parts of the world. Especially in regions outside Western Europe and North America, sourcing is the main challenge for importers.

Since the End of the year 2003, the company is acting as log exporter (merely German Oak and Beech as well as coniferous species) with special emphasis on Asian customers.

The company is working since years with a few reliable partners in order to assure customer satisfaction.
With respect to hardwoods, we merely export Ash round logs in saw-log quality as well as veneer log quality. Ash logs from Germany, France and Benelux serve as raw-material for high-end furniture manufacturing in the destination countries.
Oak logs (White Oak and Red Oak) are used for the production of solid-wood flooring and Beech logs serve for plywood and medium priced furniture for the retail market.

European and American Ash is known to have excellent technical properties combined with a very nice wood-texture and is often used to replace the Asian Ash specie.

Asian Ash is a kind of Ash specie which is merely located in the Asian terretories, mainly in Japan and China. It is often named to be "Japanese Ash".
The main difference to European, German and American Ash is the lower resitance with respect to freezing temperatures. The leaves of this Japanese Ash are smaller and more spiky than the ones of our local Ash species.

Both Ash species combine convincing technical properties. Due to the straight fibers and the rough texture, Ash has very durable and very elastic properties combined with high mechanical grip resistance.
The core-wood of big diameter logs are often with a brown colour. This is supposed to be a negative quality aspect but only seldom big dia and old tree logs have a very witish core although some european furniture and flooring manufactures developed premium products which reflect the Ash brown core in a very decorativ way.

White Oak logs and Red Oak logs are merely exported to the Chinese market. The usuage of both species is quite wide and reaches from solid wood flooring to wooden door manufacturing. Both Oak species as well as Beech are highly demanded merely generated by the massive real estate boom and construction activities in Asia.

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The outlined species just give a rough overview about the company/associates-activities.