Jürgen Mohr founded the company in the year 1999 as a part-time activity after he successfully placed some smaller transactions as agent in the lumber industry.

Jürgen Mohr, Inspection Massaranduba Decking

Later focusing on tropical timber trade the company became soon a small but profitable timber agency.

Jürgen Mohr, Loading Spruce logs

Graduating from the University of Heidelberg/Germany and Portland State University/Oregon/USA in 1994 with a M.S. in Economics, he worked in the banking industry with focus on Trade Finance, Audit, Taxation and IT-Management.

In Mai 2002 he decided to run his company on a full-time basis and left IBM-Germany where he worked as senior consultant in the banking division.

Raised in an area with an extensive forestry and saw-mill tradition, he went on to merge his Financial/IT experience with the experience in timber and later in steel trading.

In the year 2004, the firm has been registered as a limited liability company.

Jürgen Mohr, Loading Beech logs

Today the company has a network of international business partners and is working in different commodity markets as importer, exporter and agent.